A stroll in the neighbourhood

Ahhh the weekend, so short and so precious. You are torn between wanting to explore the city versus lazying around like a potato because your brain is temporarily missing-in-action.  This weekend, I opted to explore the city with Frog. There is a whirlwind of activities going on in Montreal because everyone is trying to squeeze as much fun & sun before it gets cold again. The patios are out, there is a different festival every week, ice cream stores crop up like dandelions and visits to the open-air markets to sample the delicious fruits are a must! 

Now that I've been working full time for almost a year, ideas of moving out of my parent's home have been floating in my head. I can already imagine it: visits to the Jean-Talon market on Saturday mornings, replenishing my fridge for the week with their fresh selection of produce, picking up some colorful flowers for the home, meeting with friends at the coffee shop down the street, hosting potlucks with my friends and ending the night with a cozy movie or a stimulating novel. And on Sunday, the fun repeats itself hihihi! Although in reality, my weekends would probably look like this: Lena wakes up at 12pm, too groggy to do anything... orders takeout, shuffles through her bills (did I lose my cellphone bill?), struggles with the chores and questioning why I ever moved out in the first place. Yeah, I think I'll stay home for a bit longer but a girl can always dream right? 

Introducing my new animal friend, Frog. Frog appears to be reserved in front of strangers. But don't you be fooled for one second: they say the quietest ones are always the wildest. In his natural habitat, Frog is the craziest and jumpiest animal ever but he makes Panda laugh (once in a while) :)