Mad About Madrid

Madrid, just another big city we thought. With little expectations and plans for our stay, we were pleased to discover how much there is to do and see in Madrid. Everything in downtown Madrid seemed to be well maintained: the urban parks were tidy, the shops were luxurious looking and the majority of restaurants had decadent entrances. If we were students again, we would pick Madrid as our top destination for an exchange because it is a lively place with its own distinct flavor. Speaking of flavor, you cannot visit Madrid without stopping at Chocolatería San Ginés for their amazing churros! Fried crispy exterior with a warm doughy interior dipped into their signature thick hot chocolate. So yummy that your taste buds scream yes but your arteries scream no because this dessert is really heavy! 

Our Airbnb host was out of town for the weekend so Adrienne and I giddily thought that we had the whole place to ourselves. We were awoken by rattling noises in the middle of the night which freaked us out completely! Turns out that there was another guest staying at our Airbnb. We were relieved that it wasn't a burglar trying to infiltrate so we slipped back into bed. At 2am, we were awoken by men's voices in the corridor. Once again, our heart raced and we were really confused. Here enters guest number 4! All of us weren't aware that there were other people staying in the Airbnb. Quite the adrenaline rush at 2am! One of the guests was a professional triathlon coach who encouraged us to take advantage of our 5 hour layover in London to explore the city.
I love how a simple conversation with a stranger can turn into an idea which turns into an adventure.  We took up his advice and had the craziest adventure trying to photograph as many landmarks as possible in 45 minutes.  We could never have planned this in advance.

If you are the type that likes to plan everything ahead, I'd say that you should leave yourself a day or two and just be spontaneous! You never know what kind of adventure or mischief you'll encounter ;)