Stroke of Luck

I apologize for the erratic blog posts! My panda bear nature declares winter as hibernation time so  that's what I've been up to: sleeping during my free time. But it's finally spring now! Can you hear the birds chirpin'? 

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my friend Tracy if I could take photos for her and her boyfriend Phil. We giddily agreed to shoot at a cafe and I asked Miss Adri to direct the couple. I had set the scene in my head: two lovebirds warming each other up over a cup of joe BWUAHAhaaa...ya that did not happen. We tried to make ourselves as inconspicuous as possible but we still got warned by the owners of the cafe. And just like that our photo shoot was OVER! *enters drama mode*  I was sooooo sad that the image I had in my mind would not come to fruition. We agreed to find another place to shoot outside but I was doubtful. One glance outside and you'd see the intimidating rain clouds and ugly blotches of brown snow threatening to ruin our fun. 

Similar to cupid's arrow, when you least expect it, it hits you! WE FOUND A SPOT! It's weird but I often pass by this area and I never noticed this spot before. I guess it was luck that we got kicked out from the cafe ^___^Y. Tracy and Phil were a delight to shoot: they are quirky and fun-loving. You can feel from the way they look at each other how much they enjoy each other's goofiness :-). Tracy and Phil are currently in a long distance relationship. I hope that when they look back on these pictures, it will bring a smile to their lips whenever they are apart.