Dream it, Plan it, Do it!

On Sunday, Diane and I went to Bagel St-Lo: a recent addition to Montreal's proud bagel scene. Already from the outside, I could tell that this is my type of joint : )

They have 3 types of bagels: plain, sesame and poppy. The menu is a mix of sweet and savory breakfast staples such as: eggs Benedict on bagel, bagel sandwiches, chocolate and fruits on bagel. Since I ate before meeting Diane, I got a piggy brownie which was chewy like a fudge with caramel dribbled on top. Diane said her bagel Benedict was quite good and I take her word for it because she cooks *shoutout*! The stamp of approval was officially sealed when the waitress asked us if we wanted coffee and pointed to the back where we could get as many refills as possible. My cheap self gleamed with happiness (plus you get to pick your own cute cup hihihi :-D).
It's a bit of a walk from Verdun metro station but definitely worth the visit.  You can bring your laptop because this place dubs as an internet cafe.

Diane and I totally monopolized this place by bouncing all over taking pictures. We felt bad for the people around but they didn't seem to notice our childish excitement *phew*.  I wish that I could open my own space where people can come for food & drinks and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with their friends.  

Diane invited me to go bowling with her brother's family after we were done hogging this place. At first, I was hesitant. Me: "I'm really bad at bowling". Diane: "C'mon, you're playing against a 2 year old." Me: *contemplates...* "I guess so, alright I'll come!" 

Turns out that even a 2 year old can beat me at bowling D-: I SUCK