Wall Flower

Jacket: RW&Co
Turtleneck: Zara
Lace skirt: Topshop
Bag: Old Navy

Hi! Remember this? It's an outfit of the day post! Despite the recent closet overhaul, I have not abandoned my love for fashion. I'm slowly curating my wardrobe so it only contains versatile pieces that I truly love and is suitable for my life style -innocent smile-. 

*Flips 180 degrees* BUT lemme introduce you to Mr-new-speckled-grey-jacket-of-my-dreams! On Monday, we had a fire alarm at work so everyone had to evacuate the building. We weren't allowed to go back inside so my coworkers and I strolled around the mall to kill some time. The true danger wasn't the fire in our building but the fire that burned in my heart the minute I saw this jacket on display. I squealed and jumped like a fat kid reaching for the last McNugget! Next thing I knew I had a shopping bag in my hands and it was time to go back to work. I caved in two weeks prior to the end of our 4 month shopping ban TT___TT I guess that's still a feat in my book?

Thank you Miss Adri for bending in all kinds of positions to capture my OOTD :-P

I'm getting back into the grind of consistent blogging now that I have my work schedule balanced out. Miss Adri and I have thrilling ideas for 2015 and we're filled with excitement >__<!

It's time to get off the wall and start creating!