In the mood for Christmas

Time flies so quickly when you are working full time, in a blink of an eye it's already almost Christmas. Miss Adri and I have been visiting a couple of art fairs scattered around the city. We need to soak up the Christmas joy before seasonal affective disorder inflicts us! Montreal winter can be pretty depressing but the city does a good job keeping its citizens sane with art installations. Whether you want a fun-filled afternoon with your family, bring your date somewhere exciting or enjoy a lazy afternoon, Montreal has got it all covered. We were quite ambitious today and visited three exhibitions:

All three exhibits had their own charms but in my opinion, the Luminotherapy installation was the best! There's just something about shiny and multi-colored things that makes me really happy. If I were ever to be reincarnated into a bug, I'd be one of those oblivious flies lured by the twinkly lights of death.

Thank you Miss Adri for the pictures.

Miss Adri: "Hmm... will anyone notice if I take a bite?"

These two guys were playing around with giant ice picks pretending to be a king and knight.