Breath of Fresh Air: Cafe Sfouf

New independent coffee shops are constantly springing up in the city like dandelions. Unless you are a winter sports enthusiast, it is way too cold to enjoy being outside 5 months outta 12. That is why we love our coffee shops, a much needed respite from the harsh winter chills. 

Miss Adri and I have been cafe hopping the past couple of weeks but where ever we went, the coffee shops were packed to the brim with students jamming a semester's worth of material into their noggins. That is why when we stepped into Café Sfouf, we were surprised to see so many empty seats!  Café Sfouf is bright, airy, spacious and it has WIFI (deal breaker for many people). I really liked the simplicity of the space combined with the abundance of natural lighting. It's easy for cafes to become stuffy during the winter but this place felt like a breath of fresh air. Perfect for solitary study time, group meetings or one-on-one's with a long time friend. 

In case you were wondering, a Sfouf is a sweet almond cake from Lebanon. It was the perfect companion to my earl grey tea, just a hint of sweetness :-)

Their simple menu comprises of sweet or salty tartines, soups, cakes and cookies. The prices are reasonable and the food is served with care. 

And just like that, our quiet Saturday afternoon slipped into the evening. Soon, the days will start to stretch again, one minute at a time.