A Parvis entre amies

It is Christmas today and I hope everyone is spending quality time with their loved ones~
 Last weekend I caught up with some good friends who just finished their school semester. We went to Cafe Parvis, a charming hidden pizzaria in the middle of downtown. I've been meaning to visit this place for some time but because of its proximity, I kept putting it off. This place has a retro air and nonchalant character that is hard to capture, my pictures don't do it justice at all. The dangling vines made me feel as if spring is just around the corner. 

Even the food tasted trendy with its peculiar combination of ingredients: brussel sprouts, cranberries, caramelized pears on a pizza? We had the best salad ever (I can't remember the name but get the one with avocados) and I don't usually dig salads! They have different portion sizes so that you can try different items without busting your wallet. After 9:00pm, their pizzas are 10$ so you have no reason not to try this place. I'm already planning to go back for their pastries! 

It was so nice to be reunited with Minji and Diane. We used to live together and study in the same program, now we are all on different paths. To commemorate our little date, I proposed we take a selfie. Out of nowhere, Minji pulled out her selfie stick and as ridiculous as it might look from the outside, it is actually super practical and fun! "You just have to angle the stick so that you don't see it." says selfie-master Minji.