Comptoir 21: Sole Delicious!

On Monday night, Shuyun and I had a little get together at Comptoir 21. My ex-house mate Diane introduced me to this fish & chips joint earlier this year and since then I've been hooked! Usually, fish & chips are too greasy for my liking but Comptoir 21 does their fried fish just right! For less than 10$ you can get a fish burger with some fries on the side. They have a great selection of dipping sauces and if you don't dig fish, you can choose other comfort foods like sandwiches, hot dogs and poutine.  I really like the cozy diner-style atmosphere: they have quirky photos framed on the wall that make me want to jump on a boat and embark on an adventure! 
Comptoir 21 has 3 locations: one on St-viateur, one in the up-and-coming Wellington but we landed ourselves in the gay village on St-Catherine East.

Now that the semester is over, I get to catch up with my friends. A lot of my friends are still in school so when exams hit, I am left feeling as if I have no more friends haha :P Shuyun and I talked about all the things that have happened in our lives since the last time we met.  

Sometimes I marvel at time: how each day seems static while we are living it. But in aggregate, time is like a current of water, always flowing.