How pretty are these golden Ginkgo leaves? Apparently Ginkgo herbal extracts help improve memory. In that case, I could totally use some because I keep forgetting to update my beloved blog!  I'll try to post more often from now on. 

Today, I chilled *literally because it was flipping cold outside!* with Miss Adri and guess what we did? We rented studio space and decided to dance our way to shape. *Pumps fist* You'll NEVER get me Gym Membership, I'm just not down for that kinda commitment! 
There used to be a time where I danced a lot and a part of me always wanted to pick it up again but I felt ashamed for quitting so I decided to pursue other things. In a way, our biggest obstacles are often the limits we impose on ourselves. We had so much fun learning the moves and laughing at our inability to coordinate arms and legs. How do octopuses manage with their 8 limbs?