Can't Say No to Noodles

 Words cannot express how much I love soup noodles! There's something about the minimal mastication required that really appeals to me: in one slurp, the noodle wiggles its way cozily into your hungry stomach :) I think I just brought laziness to a whole new level. 

Pho was my number 1 soup noodle choice until a new bad boy entered the neighborhood. Lemme introduce you: Nouilles de Lan Zhou! Since discovering it about two months ago, I've been back way too often for me to count. Every time a friend goes: "so... what do you want to eat?" they don't even have time to finish their sentence for me to exclaim: "LET'S GO FOR NOODLES IN CHINATOWN!" It's the ideal time to go now that it is getting super cold brrrr.

What's so special about these noodles? Definitely the chewy texture, flavorful broth & fresh but simple ingredients. It also helps that the servings are huge! I got the medium bowl once and couldn't even finish half. I've never seen such a big bowl of noodles for less than 10$! I also really enjoy watching the cook hand-pull and slap the noodles. I bet it requires a lot of stamina. That's probably how they trained Chinese soldiers during wartime :P 

The noodles come in round or flat shapes and there are different sizes. I always take the flat medium sized noodles because I really like the texture. You can choose between spicy broth or non-spicy broth.

Amused by the way Niv uses her chopstick to pick up a slippery tea egg. Hey it worked!

On our way out, we saw a group of elderly men taking a group selfie with their noodles. I thought that was the cutest thing ever :-P It always makes me smile when I see elderly couples or elderly friendships, it reminds me to make time for the people I hold dear.
Fueled by these delicious noodles, I'm ready to tackle another week of work!