Warning: Uncertainty Ahead!

Woops, I seem to have slipped through the cracks for the past couple of months but I'm back with TWO BACHELOR DEGREES IN HAND! *throws confetti, blows party horn*

To the readers who still check up on my blog *crickets*... I'm really sorry for my random disappearance, I was abducted by aliens! One alien in particular took me to Morocco where we feasted on grilled meats, couscous and tajines :) I'm not even lying, I have picture proof hehehe! 

All jokes aside, the past couple of months have been a challenging time for me: many things have suddenly changed. As a result, I am standing at a crossroad of uncertainty. For a panda who loves to read full synopsis of movies before watching them and knowing "what to expect", not knowing what to expect is nerve-wracking. But for once, I also feel courageous

I think that no matter which path we choose, something good will come out of it : )