The Blue Pearl: Chefchaouen

Two days after I finished my last undergrad exam, Miss Adri and I hopped on a plane and landed in Morocco. 
First destination on our itinerary: Chefchaouen, a beautiful city tucked in the Rif Mountains in the Northern part of Morocco. It is a delight to the eyes because all the walls in the medina (old town) are painted in peaceful shades of blue. This place also has a reputation for being the weed central of Morocco, but we didn't find out until we left. It's okay, I got high from absorbing the vibrant surroundings (BLUE IS MY FAV COLOR!!!). We spent most of our time exploring the endless mazes inside the medina and snapping pictures! 

A funny thing happened on our way to Chefchaouen: Miss Adri and I ended up squeezed into the front seat of a taxi with 4 other strangers and a cab driver that blasted Arabic hip hop songs. We had no idea how long the journey was going to be and if we were actually going to Chefchaouen... It was totally sketchy but we made it there alive and kicking! These are the types of details you do not mention to your parents :P  It didn't take long before the locals took notice of us and welcome us with "konnichiwas" and "sayonaras"! Moroccans are a friendly bunch, sometimes a bit too friendly. At first we played along and pretended to be Japanese until we passed by some Moroccans who were able to have full conversations in Japanese!  Although we received a lot of attention, Chefchaouen was the most tranquil town during our trip. We were not prepared for the chaos that awaited us in Fez and Marrakesh!

Since pictures are worth a 1000 words, I'm gonna be lazy and let my pictures do the talking. After all, beauty is a universal language ;-)