Absolute Cabin Fever

Due to health reasons, I've been stuck at home all week long :-( Oh how I long to breathe some fresh air but when I inhale the air outside, it's so cold that my lungs feel like collapsing like a badly supported tent.  For these reasons, I wasn't able to shoot any photos this week  so I dug through some old files and decided to post these warm pictures. Ahhh they're full of sunshine, flowers and bare skin ;) 

They were taken a really long time ago, when I first started my blog. I've wanted to blog since forever but one of the reasons why it took me so long to start one was because I dress like a hobo during winter months (which is 6 months outta 12 here). IT'S JUST SO COLD *WAILS* I'm one of those people that get cold easily. Anyhow, I might have to dig through my files more often in order to keep this blog alive during the cold months.