Old Habits Die Hard

Moto jacket: Zipia
Knit cardigan: H&M 
Chiffon dress: Zara
Boots: Aldo

There's something about a good flower print that I cannot resist. I love all kinds of prints but I always end up buying something flower-printed out of habit. I got this black flower printed chiffon dress from Zara for only 15$. I love their stock clearance, you can score so many nice things for cheap. The trick is to go often which I've been doing too often in the past month. 

 I shot these photos near my house because I haven't gone out this week. Other than catching up on my readings and finishing my quiz, I've been a big lazy panda. It's so comfortable to lounge in sweatpants all day long : } Wearing ugly clothes makes you feel ugly after a while, so I decided to dress up even if I was staying inside.  

I'm not a hat person because they look weird on me but I really like the look of a newsboy cap. I've been searching for a nice one for a long time and I kinda forgot about it until they started popping up everywhere on my favourite Korean online website: Zipia! I immediately snatched a cheaper version from G-market (Korean ebay). 

I got this cute quilted bag for party purposes but Monkey thinks it's too kawaii for me 'cause I'm old (thanks buddy). As long as I don't dress like this, I don't see the harm in injecting some cuteness in your wardrobe! 

I can't believe how fast each month is passing. Tomorrow is already March! My new year's resolution was to do something new each month but I don't think I accomplished anything new for February *shamefully hides*. I have a couple of exciting projects for March so perhaps that will make up for the lack of action this month ^___^;