Goodbye My Fisheye

It seems as if I can't pass a winter without catching a cold, I'm writing this post while I try to gasp for oxygen like a floppy fish (mah nose is so stuffed). Speaking of fish: over the weekend, I sold my beloved Rokinon Fisheye 8mm lens. I don't use it often on this blog but there was a time where the Fisheye was my standard lens. It was the only lens I used because I just loved its wideness and spherical effects.  I bought this lens during one of the happiest summer of my life: summer before the start of uni. Perhaps I'm so fond of it because it went through many trials and travels throughout the years with me. After buying more lenses, I realized how limited my Fisheye lens was. Plus, I didn't know how to use it properly so most of the time, my pictures turned out too soft (for those who want to buy it, stick to F8 as aperture). So I slowly stopped bringing it with me and eventually it was gathering dust in my camera bag. I decided to sell it but it really saddens, I was semi-dreading opening my inbox and seeing replies from interested buyers. Now that it's gone, I decided to write a post in its honor compiling some of my favorite memories:

Summer before the start of university, I remember we were all very wide-eyed and hopeful at that moment. Life was simple too because you didn't worry too much about internships or job applications and I still saw my friends. Due to conflicting schedules, it became super hard to see my old friends :-( 

Hanging around after dance practices. I really miss dancing but my joints would rattle like rusty pipes after years of inactivity.

Back in the days, I used to dance A LOTTTT so eating anything (including naan that's bigger than your face) was okay because I'd just burn it all off! Sadly, that's not the case anymore TT___TT

Road trip to Toronto! 

First trip with Monkey to New York! It was a trip filled with misadventures and in the end we learned not to judge people by the way they look. 

When I was younger, I lived in the Netherlands for 4 years for my dad's studies. After moving to Canada, I had always wanted to go back but it was never an option because of financial difficulties. Finally my parents allowed me to go back if I paid for half of the trip. I spent over a week on my own and met up with my childhood friends. It was the first time I traveled solo and I felt really lonely. I didn't make a lot of friends at my Hostel because people were only passing and staying for the night. This trip made me appreciate my friends in Canada and allowed me to close a chapter of my life in peace. I had always identified myself with the Netherlands but after returning, I realized that Canada is my home now. 

(This wasn't taken with the Fisheye)

Reuniting with Aju, one of my childhood best friends. It's funny because she remembered our past so much better than I did. Everything became a hazy dream that feels surreal over the years. Can I blame it on Canadian weather for freezing my brain?

After visiting the Netherlands, I went to Greece to catch up with the rest of my friends. The weather turned 180degrees because it was so cold in the Netherlands and so DAYUM HOT in Greece. 

Santorini was definitely the best part of the trip. So sad that we didn't get to stay longer :-( It was also thanks to this trip that I met Miss Adri and bonded over our love for Japan. I think my life would be so different if we hadn't met: this blog wouldn't have existed!

For more Greece pictures, click HERE

After that, we visited Venice. It was so pretty, every corner felt like an adventure that leads to unexpected discoveries. 

Last stop: PARIS! I've been to Paris when I was a kid so it felt like a whole new experience. Although we stayed there for quite a while, I feel as if we barely scratched the surface of what Paris has to offer. I didn't get to sit at a cafe, sipping hot choco and dipping my baguette inside. I guess I'll save that for next time :-)

The Louvre was my favorite part. I could spend days inside!

New York again, this time with Lumama and her friends. Too much shopping, too little sightseeing :-P

Thank you Fisheye for the amazing times we had together! I hope that you'll bring your new owner lots of joy.

Looking at all these photos makes me long to travel. I really wish I could jet off to some exotic country and eat fresh fruits under the sun!