One Jacket Doesn't Cut It

Fake leather jacket: random boutique in NYC
Coat: Zara
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Aldo

When asked about our day, Lily and I responded with: "We took pictures in front of a door" which sums up our day pretty well. We also ate like piglets because you know, taking photos in front of a door is very energy draining! Today was warmer than usual so I shed my black winter coat and wore my bright red coat. For extra protection, I wore my leather jacket underneath. 

I love my chunky fur-lined boots from Aldo. They're actually warm and protect my feet against the snow, slush and pools of water. Probably the best winter boots I've had :-) Monkey has been nagging me to buy those heavy-duty snow boots but I'm glad I didn't listen to him.

I'm also wearing my Chain Reaction necklace from Bimbomb. It's made of plastic but doesn't look cheap. I don't wear necklaces often because they're heavy and uncomfy but this one is totally light which made me forget I was even wearing a necklace! It's currently out of stock but don't worry, the girls are ordering more ;-)

Also, I spotted the most beautiful fake leather jacket at Zara today! It's everything I've always wanted in a leather jacket and is bajillion times better than the one I'm currently wearing. Ugh, that's the thing with fashion, the new sparkly thing is always better than the old thing you have, even if they're the same thing. I'm gonna have to sleep many many nights on it. 

I don't know what's up but blogger seems to be lowering the quality of my images -angryface- Thanks Lily for being my loyal photographer and forcing me to take my OOTD! She was sick but still agreed to come out and hang with me <3 

A few days ago, I went to Ikea with Monkey and spotted these cute veggie plushies. They're just so cute, I'm dying inside >____<!!!

I have some exciting news: in a month, I'll be photographing a wedding! My close friend's friend is getting married (she's around my age -GASP-) and I asked her if I could shoot some photos. I'm not the only photographer but I'm still pretty nervous because you only have one chance to capture the moment but it will be an amazing learning opportunity. 2014 is the year for trying new things!