Sweet Lee's

A couple of weeks ago, Diane brought me to the cutest bakery in her new neighborhood! I knew as soon as I saw the metallic foiled ceilings that we'd fall in love and make lots of photo babies *cough* *cough*.  The bakery in question is called Sweet Lee's Rustic Bakery and it is housed inside a space that is shared with a coffee/tea shop. I thought it was a really smart idea to have a collaboration between a bakery and a coffee shop because each side combines its skills together to create a well-rounded cafe. 

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The atmosphere reminds me a bit of Olive & Gourmando, a very well known sandwich shop in Old Port. They just opened at the beginning of the year and I'm surprised by the number of people that walk in and out. We arrived at peak time (~1pm) and had to stalk the crowd in order to get a good seat. 

Saint Henri cafe on the other side had a variety of specialty drinks and products. I'm loving the transparent counters with the tubes. 

Creative usage of colanders :-) Didn't I say that this place is filled with amazing decor sense? 

I got a chocolate & espresso fondant with a black tea similar to Earl Grey. I really liked the tea, it tasted like comfort in a cup! 

Diane also enjoyed her quiche and cappuccino.

I'm definitely planning a visit back here for their delicious black tea <3 I really love to lounge at cute coffee shops during gloomy winter days. I'm a big believer that the space you're in can influence your mood so a passionate red wall also makes me enjoy my food with passion <3<3<3 

Speaking of passion, it's almost VALENTINE'S DAY!