Meet Samia from BimBomb

Two weeks ago, I met up with Samia who recently opened her own online shop with her best friend Audrey and had a blogger outing. We stumbled upon the coolest room in the Museum of Fine Arts and took the opportunity to snap some photos.

It's funny, I feel as if I've known her for ages even though we've only met up twice. First time being last autumn. We went to the same Cegep and had a couple of mutual friends and we lived super close to each other for like 3 years but we never met up until last year. Before we met up, I always knew her as the cool cat that owned the awesome MTL-based fashion blog Goldzmine. Her blog is not called Goldzmine anymore but it is still as awesome.

Samia and Audrey launched their online shop called Bimbomb during the weekend and it's DA BOMB! Seriously check it out! If you live in Quebec (Canada) you get free shipping and the prices are affordable! I already have my eyes set on some items but they're out of stock *already*! 

They have really cute models too and it reminds me of a Caucasian version of Zipia, my favorite Korean online shop. Opening an online shop has always been one of my dreams too and I'm so excited that they were able to realize theirs. It makes me want to strive harder for my current dreams!

So amused by this artwork: holographic dancers in a fish tank! I like how the fish didn't really care about these intruders and minded their own fishy business. 

It's super cold these days and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and sip some noodle soup. Ugh that ramen picture is making me drool so badly ;___; 

I've been catching up with some friends and yesterdays I played cards at a friend's apartment. It was so funny and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long while. January has been a very relaxing month but I need to get serious about my schoolwork soon. I already have a case and a midterm in the next two weeks (yep online courses are like ghosts that creep up to you outta nowhere with -BOOoooMIDTERMTIME-)! 

Right now is the easiest time to catch a flu so make sure you stay warm guys :-) Until next time~