Sipping Tea at Le Cardinal

I should really be studying for my midterm tomorrow but instead the URGE to blog is always the strongest when I have something boring to do. I'm really excited to share these photos that I took at a new tea room on St-Laurent called Le Cardinal. Adri and I had attempted to visit this place during winter break but they were closed so we finally had the chance to drop by on Sunday and with a pack of DSLR yielders. You can say that we were quite the intimidating bunch :-P I didn't anticipate it but the team room is quite spacious, it is located on top of Sparrow and it has two levels. The prices are a bit steep (if you're a student) so I recommend that you share a pot of tea + scone with a friend.

Unfortunately, Le Cardinal is only open on Friday and the weekend but it's spacious enough to accommodate your group of friends and the usual weekend brunchers.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves and get back to my textbook TT____TT~~

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