My Blog Has A New Outfit!

Hey guys! My blog has a new outfit and I bought it at The Blog Boat! Why the sudden change? Well...recently, I had a mini internal struggle regarding the future of my beloved blog. You see, I started my blog as a fashion/shopping blog but somewhere along the lines, things started getting blurry. I started writing about much more than just my daily outfits: I wrote about my feelings, my personal achievements & failures, my food adventures and my photography progress. Without a clear focus, I thought my blog was getting messy and disoriented. Miss Adri kindly counselled me to do a bit of clean-up and in the process, I thought that a fresh new layout would bring a new perspective to my blog.  I'm super excited to start anew! I hope that the simplicity of this layout brings out the colors of my photographs. I promise to deliver better content for 2014~

PS: As you might've noticed (or not), I've added 5 distinct categories in the hopes that it facilitates navigation. So if you're not interested in my blabber, you can just click on the categories that interest you ;-)