Follow The Light

Over the weekend, I visited the Luminotherapy exhibit with Miss Adri and Lily at Place des Festivals. "Come hear an all-new melody as you stand among the luminous stalks swaying in the breeze" read the description on the website. We had seen magical pictures online so we prepared our imagination for a sparkling field of glowing lights resembling a futuristic wheat field. Maybe our expectations were too high but we were underwhelmed... as Adri put it. I'm sure it has happened to you before; you see something from afar that looks beautiful but when you get closer, you notice all the nitty gritty details and the imperfections. Well, this exhibit was kinda like that because the stalks were placed on dirty slippery ice puddles. A couple of times, I had to balance myself carefully so I wouldn't fly into the stalks. I wasn't the only one struggling because everyone seemed to wobble along the field. 

The luminous bulb part is made of bicycle reflector material so it would only shine when light was reflected on it. Perhaps if we had looked at the exhibit from a rooftop, it would've made a bigger impression. Nonetheless it was still enjoyable and I applaud the city's effort for trying to brighten our . The exhibit runs the entire month of January and ends on February 2nd so be sure to check it out if you're in Montreal : }

Montreal is famous for being the cultural center of Canada which is why the artistic spirit is always thriving. I'm always surprised by the amount of festivals, public art displays and exhibits that spring up every season. It makes me proud to live in such a culturally vibrant city. I think it's great that the city actively seeks to improve the urban landscape. A city's aesthetic appeal has a big impact on the community's health and well-being and it gives me more things to photograph YAY!  

The bicycle reflectors look like a field of glistening snow in this picture taken by  Lily

 Warning: do not lick because your tongue might get stuck! 
If I were a child, I'd probably imagine that I'm running in a field of tall lollipops.

My favorite part is when the field turns white with blue streaks here and there : 3 It's like an icy winter wonderland~

What I really enjoyed about the Luminotherapy exhibit are the funny characters projected on several buildings in the city. You're supposed to find a whacky character called Bob. Bob moves around a lot so you need a sharp eye and acute attention to detail. 

The characters remind me of the ones in Adventure Time. I was trying to capture this exercising Donut guy, he kept moving around so it was hard to get a shot of him!

Blue butt guy!

This is Bob, you only have 3 seconds to remember his face. 

And Bob disappears!

 (Look at that pile of dirty snow... not the way people usually picture snow but this is what I mean when I say that Canadian winters are ugly...)

Find Bob!

Can you find Bob? I still can't find him! My eyes simply go to the Donut guy... 

Now I feel like eating donuts >___<! BWUAH!