Frosty Flowers

Holla at the first OOTD of 2014 !!! Earlier last week, I asked Lily if she wanted to visit the Westmount Greenhouse with me for a little photoshoot. Last year, Adrienne brought me to this greenhouse and I've been itching to return. Since it's connected to the Westmount Public Library, it's the perfect place to sit and read a book while enjoying some greens. The temperature is regulated so it's easy to forget that we are in the midst of winter. 

White coat: G-market
Jeans: Levi's
Kimono: Topshop
Belt: Asos

 Now you see, if I'd worn this outfit outside, I'd probably turn into a popsicle within 10 seconds. But yours truly cheated, I packed my outfit in my backpack and wore my usual winter coat and changed when I got inside. So it's not really my "outfit of the day" but hey I wore it so it counts :-))))! I also matched my clothes to the greenhouse. The white that represents the snowy fields and the flowers on my kimono are the ones that are guarded against the cold in a comfy greenhouse. Hehehe I'm cheesy like that, everything has to have a concept :-P

I've been eyeing this kimono for almost a year! When I saw it on Topshop's online website, my heart skipped a beat. Sadly, the price was anything but desirable so I forced myself to forget my love. Over the summer, I bought a cream kimono from Forever21, but it was a fling and whenever I looked at it I could only think of the Topshop kimono. A year later, I see the Topshop kimono at my local LaBaie department store at 50% off! I knew at that moment that I had to betray F21 kimono and bought Topshop kimono in a blink of an eye.

Lesson of the day: Don't rebound and seize the opportunity when the time's right!

 Look at the airplane trail that streaks the sky! It makes me want to jet back to California TT___TT

Lily and I are trying to save some money by eating out less so throughout the shoot our tummies were demanding to be fed. These cornucopia flower pots reminded us of delicious buttery croissants :Q. It also reminds me of Hunger Games which I've recently started to read thanks to Niv. 

 Left: Glitter on pretty plants that are dyed blue
Right: A cool earring that Lily DIY-ed into a necklace

 Lily on the left: "Check out that hottie!"

Please visit Lily's blog for more details of her outfit of the day!

I've been enjoying my lazy days now that I don't need to physically go to school. I've been watching movies and reading a lot of novels. I recently had a mini Leonardo Dicaprio marathon *his acting makes me melt into pudding* and I started reading the Hunger Games *finally*! I've also started reading some non-fiction such as The Outliers by Malcom Gladwell, it's about success and the factors that make some people outstanding. It's a very interesting read and I can't wait to start reading his other book, The Tipping Point.

Have you read any interesting books lately? Please recommend me some :-)