Let's Visit: Mission Beach

I was surprised when I found out that Katy Perry was not lying in her song California Gurlz as she sings: "You can travel the woooorrrlld, but nothing comes close to the golden coaaasttt~". I always thought that the golden coast referred to the eternal sunshine, the suntanned babes on the sprawling beaches or the golden sunsets but there are literally golden specs on the coast! Okay maybe not gold but it looked like someone spread golden glitter all over the sand and it shimmered so brightly under the sun that I had to hold my breath in awe. After some research, the golden specs found on El Coronado beach are actually a mineral called "mica". Hey, it's shiny and gold is shiny : 3 good enough for me hahaha! 

Unfortunately, these pictures are not from the golden speckled beach of El Coronado but from Mission Beach. It was really close to our hotel and we spent our Christmas day there (because everything else was closed). How nice is it to have a beach in proximity of where you live? I'm sure I would've been fitter because I could bike along the coast line : ) *excuses-for-not-working-out*

To me, a beach picture is not complete without a shot of a surfer and I'm glad to have captured one :-)

Nothing's cuter than an elderly couple holding hands while taking a romantic stroll down the beach <3

We encountered tons of these sandmen. I guess when there's no snow, ya gotta improvise somehow!

We rented bikes for a really good price (Asians know how to haggle BWUAHAHA) and biked along the coast line while the sun was setting. This is what freedom tastes like! The feeling of the breeze combing through our hair was so relaxing, I almost forgot that I wasn't wearing any security shorts. OH WELLZ, that's as wild as I can get on vacation *fist pumps*

I wanted to keep this bike and ship it back to Montreal : C 

It feels refreshing to look at these sun-kissed photos while the winter winds are howling like a wolf outside my window. It's a cheap little escape : ) 

Now that I've run out of content, I gotta go out and shoot some pictures with my pals Miss Adri and Lily :-P  Montreal is always full of festivities during the winter, I guess the government has to do something in order to prevent people from falling into weather-related depression. One of their efforts is an annual luminotherapy installation in the Quartier des Spectacles. Lights make people happy and I actively look for more happiness.