Let's Visit: San Diego Zoo

You'd think a girl would have time to blog when she doesn't have school but the less things I have to do, the less productive I become. The other day, I was contemplating whether or not I should take an OOTD but I was feeling lazy. To which Monkey replied: "Yes be lazy! Let the laziness consume youuuu!!!" *note: he hates taking OOTD's for me because I always criticize his photo skills* 

Ofcourse, I can't let him have his way so I'm breaking out of my laziness by posting some pictures from our trip to the world famous San Diego Zoo! This zoo is connected to the Balboa Park so we dedicated an entire day to the zoo and park. 

In the Spanish Art Village, probably my favorite part of Balboa Park. It was so colorful and really lifted up our spirits! 

I love how hardcore Californians are when it comes to Christmas decorations. I have to admit that the sunshine and lack of snow made me forget that we were in the holiday season but when I see decorations like these, it makes me break out in a smile. Apparently, going around neighborhoods spotting Christmas decorations is an actual activity in San Diego! 

The zoo is famous for its pandas so of course we had to pay a little visit! The line-up was estimated to be 45 minutes but it took a bit less time than that. None of the other animals commanded this much attention. There was even a girl who gave an introduction of the pandas the entire time :-O.

30 minutes of grilling under the sun to see some pandas :-P

Finally got to see the pandas!

After a full day of walking, all I wanted to do was ride the Skyfari! 

Yay for a first class view of the entire zoo :)

We celebrated Christmas eve by eating some Thai fast food since it was the only place that didn't close early for Christmas eve :-P

I still have one more post left about my winter trip before I resume OOTD's. I've been stalling them because it's so hard to dress nicely while staying warm. I gotta brainstorm some outfits and maybe I'll pull up a: "how-to-survive-minus-20C-weather-outfits" post. 

Until next time~