Let's Visit: Santa Monica Pier

The playground of the school behind my house has frozen into a skating rink. I stood at my window like a creeper looking at a little kid sliding alone on the ice. The kid wobbled for a good 5 minutes before he/she got the hang of it and skated away. Like the child, I'm still trying to get the hang of this cold. It's making me feel so layyyzaaay which is why I put off posting the remaining pictures of my California trip. Since we can all use a bit of sunshine and palm trees, I will be posting some today : ) 

Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach were top on my must-see list for this trip and unfortunately, we didn't get to visit Venice but we spend a good chunk of a day in Santa Monica. I had googled a lot of beach pictures but as always, the experience of being there feels completely different from the experience of looking at pictures through a monitor. 

On our way to the beach, there was a clown in our bus that gave everyone a demo of balloon-animal-making, it was so amusing and since it is a bear (Coco is an intense bear lover), we asked him if we could keep the balloon. 

She usually ducks away when I take pictures but you can see how happy she is with the bear balloon haha! 

This place would make a great first date place, there is just so much to do: there are rides, romantic walks along the beach, a boardwalk to enjoy the sound of the ocean, breathtaking sunsets! 

Fit people doing what fit people do: exercising! We saw so many people climbing or swinging around poles. Some kids tried to imitate the adults and failed :-P 

Coco and I sat at the beach for an hour waiting for the sunset because I didn't want to leave before I took my sunset photo. After countless shots, I think I managed to get quite a decent one :-) YAY I'm happy!

Looking at these pictures fill me up with warmth and I hope that you enjoyed them too. I really like to go on trips, especially to places that are very different from where I live. When you are somewhere different, you tend to walk a little straighter, dress a little funkier and think a little different. It's like putting on a new hat. You can be whatever you wish because nobody knows who you are and that is an exciting feeling!