Hitting Up The Grove

Ever since landing in Cali, Coco and I have been hitting the shops every single day. This is due to the fact that we're finally off our fashion ban :-) *clap clap clap* During the school term, I like to "focus my attention on schoolwork" *cough*otherwise-I'd-spend-countless-hours-online-shopping*cough* so usually I'm not allowed to shop for clothes or I have a limited number of items that I can buy. Then during the holidays, I binge. Some of my fashion deprivation symptoms are scarily similar to ones experienced by a bulimic person. Coco introduced me to the store Madewell and I love it! It's pricier than what I'm used to but they have cute simple & timeless clothes that I could probably wear for quite a while. I bought a classic white blouse and a loose fitted caramel knit. They were having 40% off sale items so it was affordable.    

Coat: G-market
Blouse: Madewell
Pants: Zipia
Booties: Zara

It might seem as if I'm overdressed but the weather at night is really chilly! Brrrr~

Coco and I hit up The Grove again at night because she wanted to exchange a perfume she purchased earlier. We were amazed by how different the place looked at night: I'm telling you Christmas lights are the best part about December! I think I stood there in awe for about a good 10 minutes, soaking up the sight of the golden glistening trees.  

This is the first time I spend Christmas in a hot climate so I was really charmed by these festive palm trees. They're like little Pocky sticks poking up everywhere. I wondered if they grew any coconuts but Grace dismissed it and said that the coconuts would probably be a huge public hazard, imagine one falling on your head while you're strolling in an open mall! Now that's what I call shop till you drop!

Coco and I have arrived in San Diego and we're eager to explore~