Sunny San Diego

On the train from Los Angeles to San Diego, I was reading a novel and the mister next to me turned around and said: "You're an intense reader, sometimes you gotta put that book aside and live life." He started telling me that he used to be a reader and he lived his life through others' stories, but then time passed and he realized that there were many things that passed by him unnoticed. He decided from that time that he would live his life in the present and make the most out of it. Sometimes we're so absorbed with what's in front of our nose that we forget that there's a whole wide world out there! And that's why you have to travel and explore. Not just in a touristic way, but in a traveller's way. I'm still in my touristic phase but hopefully, one day my incessant urge to snap pictures will subside and I will soak in the moment. 

All that to say: we've arrived in San Diego and it's warm and sunny every day since arrival : ) Therefore, it seemed appropriate to wear a sweater + skirt combo. 

Sweater: Madewell
Skirt: Forever21
Hat: American Apparel
Tights: Japan
Bag: Aldo (gift by Monkey)

Wearing all new clothes :-3 We're currently staying at a hotel that is 10 minutes by walk from the gigantic Fashion Valley mall. So needless to say, Coco and I did some major damage. I got 2 pair of SUPER comfortable and stretchy Levi's jeans for 34$/each. I haven't worn jeans on a regular basis since last year and I've been too lazy to repurchase a new pair (gained weight so couldn't fit all my jeans anymore). An OOTD with my new jeans will be coming up soon~~~

A simple outfit for a day strolling in the Seaport village. I love my new Forever21 pleather skirt. It was only 18$ I like the subtle wrap detail, I feel it makes the skirt less "dominatrix-esque". 

A floppy hat is useful to block the sun but if there's a slight breeze, it'll fly off with the wind. I can't remember the number of times I squealed because my hat was gonna blow off my head... I wish I could superglue it to my head *jk jk, that's not a good idea*.

Coco is "allergic" to the sun so the entire day, she walked with her jacket over her head :P

I want to live in a cute pastel colored apartment like these!

The planes fly really low, so low that they're almost touching the roofs of some apartment buildings. This picture was taken with my 30mm lens, which is almost equivalent to the ordinary human eye. Look how big/close the plane is! So cool!

Whenever I see a plane, I'm always amazed at how humans managed to create such a heavy machine that can soar the skies. Impossible contains the word possible.