Merry Merry

Merry Christmas everyone! Even though today is officially Christmas eve/day, it feels as if it has been Christmas every day for the past month. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas so no gifts for me, but that's okay because no amount of gifts will be representative of the love and support I receive all year round. Today we did a lot of walking (we visited the zoo) and I'm pretty knocked out so this post will be short and sweet.  

Grey shirt: Madewell
Flared skirt: Japan
Shiny navy tights: Forever21

I didn't bring any red or green clothing with me so the only holiday spark I tried to incorporate are my shiny tights. It's the night sky when Santa and his crew are flying around town, going down chimneys to deliver gifts!

Another new shirt! I really like the embroidered leaf details on my collar and I was happy to be able to wear a short sleeved shirt in December *easily happy*.  

We've seen our share of Christmas trees this season but this one inside Balboa Park surrounded by little Grinches is one of my fav! 

Hope that you guys are enjoying your holidays in good company! As soon as Christmas passes, it's New Years and that means: RESOLUTIONS TIME!