A Walk In Balboa Park

If you only have one day in San Diego, I definitely suggest dropping by Balboa park, it is a grand and gorgeous urban cultural park in the heart of the city. We purchased the park & zoo passport and spent two days visiting the museums, the beautiful parks and the zoo. I particularly enjoyed the art museums. The city planners are clever for clustering all the museums in one space. For a day full of walking, I decided to wear a simple outfit. These kinds of outfits are my fav because they're fuss free and so comfortable! 

Bolero: Macy's (brand American Rag)
Jeans: Macy's (brand Levi's)
V-neck: American Apparel

This knitted bolero is the perfect size of salt & pepper pattern. I've been looking for a salt & pepper knit forever! Most of them are too small for my liking but this one is perfect and it's from Macy's! Why are American department stores so much better than Canadian ones? 

I love the wash on my Levi's jeans. They were on sale at Macy's and I grabbed 2 pairs. I had to resist myself from buying them in every shade. I didn't like the bleached bottom of my pant leg but they're starting to grow on me. They're so comfy, why didn't I ever think of buying jeans from Levi's? Oh yes, 'cause they're frikkin expensive in Canada >___< (anything above 40$ is too expensive for me lol).

For these pictures, I decided to play with Photoshop and Toycamera filters because I really wanted to bring out the warmth and beauty of Balboa Park. All the buildings are in a Spanish Colonial Revival style, they're intricate yet simple. 

One of my favourite buildings in the park: the California Bell Tower and the Museum of Man. The stunning tiled domed roof stood out from far away and I couldn't leave without visiting the museum. 

One of the many archways, I felt like a royal while walking through them.

Museum of Art,they had a special exhibition on Women, War and Industry. It was really interesting!

Pretty Persian tiles: hmm... bending backwards to pick up those apples isn't the most convenient way isn't it?

Indian artwork: Monkey God harassing a woman :-P 

The passport combo comprised of entry to 14 museums and the zoo but sadly, we simply didn't have enough time to visit all the museums. If you are interested in visiting the park only, it is free (for the most part). We only realized after we bought the passport that we could've just enjoyed strolling through the park and check out one or two museums (hence saved money). So heads up for those planning on visiting Balboa Park!

Sadly, my trip is coming to an end tomorrow. It's been a wonderful escape! I'm surprised by how friendly Californians are. Every day, a handful of strangers would smile and say hello to us or offer help when we look lost. I bet that constant perfect weather has something to do with the people's sunny dispositions. 

I still have a handful of pictures which I'm very eager to share. Hopefully the California warmth can reach you guys through the monitor :-)