2013 in perspective

 In ancient Roman mythology, Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions. He is depicted with two faces; one looking towards the past and another looking to the future. The month of January is named after him and as this month is approaching, so is a new beginning. Today I moved out of my dorm and back into my parents house, things will be different starting in 2014 and I thought it would be nice to compile a pictorial narrative of this past year. The highlights of this year were definitely:

1) Travelling to Japan, Cuba and California (don't even know how I managed to save up)
2) Completing my full-time internship with an excellent reference while maintaining a part-time job on the side
3) Being the communications representative for the Food Science Association
4) Developing better relationships with the people close to me
5) Winning the photo competition

I think when we go beyond our comfort zone, we often discover many hidden capacities that would've stayed hidden if we hadn't taken a leap of faith. I'm really glad that I pushed myself beyond my self-imposed limits.  

Being in Japan was like a dream come true, I've wanted to go since I was a teenybopper but somehow I always put it aside for other things. When Monkey and I fell through, I made the decision to save up for a trip to Japan so that I can heal myself and prove that I can save 3000-4000$ :-P
I'm glad that I was able to experience Japan with my good friend Lily, we became closer after the trip and it's nice to share the same passion as someone. As silly as shoujo mangas, cute stationary and school uniforms can be for a 22 year old. 

Lol at the cat's glare. 

Organized a big gathering with my Cegep friends. We used to hang out all the time but because of university, each of us drifted apart but when we gather together, it is still like old times :)

This year, Adrienne and I hung out quite a lot, she helped me redesign my new blog layout and religiously forced me to take OOTD's. We met when we went to Europe together in 2011 and bonded over Japan and I don't think my blog would have continued existing if it weren't for her!

During the summer, I was really overwhelmed with my internship so I decided to take a relaxing vacation to Cuba with some friends. It was an inexpensive getaway that replenished me richly with energy for the coming school semester. 

First time experiencing a beautiful beach!

When my friend Phoebe showed me the Montreal Trust photo competition, I thought that it would be fun to join but I really didn't believe we would win. I was shaking when I found out that we won. I felt so bad harassing my facebook friends to vote for me but I'm so grateful for their time. Holding the prize in my hands felt ecstatic, I've never really won anything in competitions so it's definitely a memorable event!

Toasting to better friendships and happier relationship.

Generally, a lot of fooling around!

The FSA's Christmas party turned out to be a huge hit with record attendance. 

Finally, my year ended with a trip to California for some sunshine and shopping HUEHUEHUE!
It feels so nice to shed that chunky winter coat and stroll outside with shorts, can I please move to Cali? 

Hope that everyone is enjoying 2013's last few moments, what are some of your resolutions? I'm still thinking of mine : P