Marché de Noël

Today marks the first day of the end of my time at Macdonald Campus. Initially I hated living here because it's so far from civilization but over time I've grown to love it and call it my home. It all feels so nostalgic when it's over. Am I crazy for missing school although I just wrote my last final? 
A wise carrot *cough*Niv*cough* once told me: "All experience is good experience" and the more I live, the more I find this to be true. Some bitter experiences leave a very sweet aftertaste. I'm really sad that I'll be moving out of my residence because of the friends and memories that were built here. But the end of one beautiful journey leads to the beginning of another exciting journey. Will you accompany me on my next adventure?

I'm posting up the second batch of pictures from our visit to the Marché de Noël & des Traditions in Longueuil. The village turned magical when the sun started setting. Lily and I are like bugs attracted to light bulbs, we love lights and it makes us all giddy inside >D< 

We tried some apple and pear ciders, extremely sweet but a little shot of alcohol was enough to warm me up for the rest of the visit.

A kind lady that spent a good amount of time explaining us all the techniques of weaving. 

This plaid cover looked so warm and soft! Lily and I just wanted to throw ourselves into it and never go out in the cold again haha!

Okay, fingers can't take it anymore, gotta heat ourselves up around a fireplace! 

Google Auto Awesome made my picture super sparkly! All you have to do is upload a few photos of lights and Google will automatically make it twinkle! Try it, it's so much fun ^__^

I imagine it must be more busy on weekends because they have shows and a bunch of activities but I liked the quiet atmosphere. It allowed us to take pictures without getting swallowed by a wave of humans. 

Seeing these pictures fuels my heart with fuzziness <3 I just love pretty lights! 

Tonight, I'm gonna hang out with my best friend Niv and I'm really excited! School has this way of making me feel guilty whenever I hangout for too long so now I can hangout guiltfreeeeee WEEEHEEEE! Please look forward to more exciting blog updates now that I have more time YAAAAY!