City of Angels with Grace

Hello hello from sunny California! You have no idea how glad I am to escape the harsh winter chills ( it was -20 degrees when we left Montreal and 26 degrees when we landed in LA). This is my third trip of the year and I'm so blessed to have been able to visit so many places. I'm graduating next year so I won't be able to travel freely. For now, I'm gonna soak up the sun and synthesize enough vitamin D for the rest of winter!

Peaceful view outside our Airbnb apartment.

Hollywood "Walk of Fame", I find that LA-ers are really friendly, people are constantly starting conversations with strangers. I was eavesdropping on one person's conversation and he said: "Everyday is New Years to me! It's the start of the rest of your life!"

Really cool vintage shop on Hollywood boulevard, they had all kinds of colorful wigs for 25-45$! I wanted to dig around and find a Halloween costume but we were on a mission to find Sephora so I didn't get to rummage around.

Cute panda and monkey nested dolls at a store in Little Tokyo. 

One of the places I really wanted to visit was Bottega Louie, I read a lot of positive reviews online and a girl just can't resist pretty desserts. 

Beautiful macaroons! I think macaroons are too sweet so I only got one: an earl grey flavored macaroon with golden flecks! It was too pretty to be eaten ;___; 

Meet Grace from An Ace Affair. She's a fashion blogger from LA that I've been following for the past two years. Since I was visiting LA, I decided to contact her for a meet up. I've never met anyone through my blog so I was quite nervous: "What if we didn't click? What if she thinks I'm totally boring?" thoughts like these raced through my head. When we finally met, all my worries dissipated and I knew that we'd get along :) She was super sweet and has great style, we talked about internships, fashion and shared our favourite bloggers. Sometimes, I am so comfortable with my group of friends that I forget how to make new friends.

Since Grace is a fellow fashion blogger, it only felt right to go shopping together! Good thing she brought us to the Grove because I probably wouldn't have found it on my own ;___;

Tchyeaaaa, that's the type of photo-dedicated mom I will be when I get kids :-P

The grove is so pretty that Coco and I visited it again the next day. I didn't get anything but Coco left the battlefield with tons of goodie bags. 

Thank you so much Grace for showing us around LA and being a wonderful tour guide :-) When you come to Montreal, holla at me and I'll bring you to all the cute coffee shops around here!

The Urban Light installation at the LA County Museum of Art that I desperately wanted to visit. It's such a beautiful work of art when it is illuminated at night! You know me and my love for pretty lights : - )

More pictures will be coming soon, thank goodness I brought my laptop!