Creature of Comfort

 ( Thank you Miss Adri for being my ever-so-reliable photographer <3 )

Just thought that I'd post a quick OOTD during my study break : - ) Something like this would be my go-to outfit for the winter season: lots of black to absorb any solar radiation that peeks from the clouds, fluffy sweater and a cardigan over my sweater! 
I used to wear skirts with tights and shorts during this period but nowadays, my bones cannot take the chill anymore! It's too cold brrrrr~~~ Thank you biological clock for reminding me that I'm getting older >___<

My fav Christmas sweater from Zipia men section : - ) I've had it for a couple of years and I still love it as much as the first time I bought it! I'm not a big fan of the ugly Christmas sweaters, why would you wear something ugly if there are a vast selection of cute festive knitwear to choose from? 

Nothing like a warm cup of rich hot chocolate to keep you toasty and satisfied for the day.

I ran out of all the study snacks that I purchased yesterday booohooo, how will I survive the rest of the week? I'm seriously contemplating getting out of my pyjamas tomorrow just to get a bag of Doritos. Ahhh food, I hate how you dominate my life!