Ho Ho Holidays Are Approaching

Tis' the season to be jolly la la la la laaaaaaaaaa~~~ Hello hello, it's currently 2:30am as I'm churning out this blog post *guiltily because I'm supposed to be studying for my final on Monday*. I just couldn't wait to show the pictures that Lily and I took on Friday, when we took a mini trip to Longueuil (near my workplace) to visit the Marché de Noël & des Traditions. It's an adorable mini village with lots of local artists selling handmade goods in a jolly atmosphere. I wanted to get there before the sun sets because I wanted to capture all the vibrant Christmas colors but it was a sad and gloomy day :- C Nevertheless, Lily and I managed to capture lots of beautiful pictures and we were so snap-happy that our fingers were gonna fall off from the cold. It was a good break from my intense cramming sessions and reminded me that there's so much to look forward to during winter break!

My family was never big on celebrating any holiday but I always loved Christmas decorations and jingles because the shimmers and glitters made winter so much more bearable : ) I wish we could have a holiday every month of winter! 
Just look at this stall of Christmas deco's and tell me it didn't make you feel much happier!

"Happiness resides here" 

Running away with all the presents! Am I the only one that likes to save wrapping papers 'cause they're so pretty? : 3

Miniature train that I really wanted to ride ;___; Unfortunately we didn't get to ride it but I chased after it for a good shot (will be posted in a separate blog post). The train conductor probably thought we were crazy for running after it hahaha x-D

Sheep with sparkly neck-kerchief

Lily being flirty with the Nutcracker, he won't look at you unless you're a ballerina!

Google+ has a super cool app called Auto Awesome that transforms your pictures into gifts with shiny lights! I have no idea how it works but when I uploaded my picture, it automatically edited my photo. Since it is a gift, the picture is very grainy but I really love the sparkly light effects!

It's super late now so I'm going to finish reading my notes on my bed. We'll see how long that lasts before I doze off (∪。∪)。。。zzz

Talk to you guys soon <3