Adri Brings Me to Interesting Places

Hey guys, I've been a bit uninspired by the mountains of school work and the depressing winter weather that I haven't taken any blog worthy pictures over the past month. That is, until Miss Adri brought me to the Souk @ Société Des Arts Technologiques (SAT) this weekend. I didn't know that we had to be 18+ so when I got carded at the entrance, it really caught me off guard. I LOOK MUCH OLDER THAN 18 THOUGH D-;<  -cough- Anywaysssssssss, it was a very fancy schmancy craft fair and the perfect opportunity to buy unique Christmas gifts for loved ones : -) They had a variety of adorable handmade dolls, unique clothing patches and lotsa bunnies! 

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:  
In case you missed out, The Smart Design Mart is holding another fair this weekend

Guess what this Mongolian Yurt is? It's a cozy coffee shop with fur on the benches and lotsa pillows! Miss Adri and I really wanted to go inside but due to my time constraints, it will have to be reserved for another time!

I'm writing my final exams next week and then I'll be freeeeee WEEEHHEEEE!!!!