Autumn Crisp

The days of autumn are winding down and so is my sanity X_X;;; It's truly the end of semester and my plates are full of schoolwork ;___; I've been leaving my DSLR at home because my inspiration has been sucked out of me. Instead, I'll post these pictures that were taken over a month ago when Samia from the former Goldzmine visited me at St-Anne.

It was the perfect crisp autumn day and we couldn't have asked for a better weather. I've never taken OOTD pictures with someone other than Monkey, Adri and Diane so I was a whole new level of AWKWARD POSING -(0__o)-. Nevertheless, it was still a fun day! We chatted about clothes, boys and her awesome secret plans *will reveal it later on my blog* and generally giggled a lot!

I realized that I don't shop as much during winter compared to summer which is why I've been alternating the same pieces over and over. It's so cold here that I just want to wrap myself into a burrito and hide in an oven.

Plaid is one of the hottest trend this season (throwbacktoda90's) but I think plaid is forever fashionable <3 

Where will my shoes bring me next year?

The end of an era is near! I like endings because they reveal new beginnings and new opportunities, they make you reflect on everything that has happened and everything you've learned.