Physics is one of the subjects I disliked the most in school. Maybe because I always studied last second, I couldn't understand anything :-P So don't worry, I'm not gonna go into Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

 Instead I wanted to talk about style, fashion and trends. This reflection was inspired by none other than Monkey. Today, I asked him to take a picture of my outfit for my blog. His response: "AGAIN? didn't we take one already last time? What's so special about what you're wearing?"
To him, clothes are just pieces of fabric sewn together, but to others *ME*, clothes are a creative expression of our personality. But, how much of this expression is truly your personality?
Magazines and online shops are always inciting us with the latest fashion that sometimes, I question if I genuinely like something or because it's "the novelty effect". In the past, I liked collecting pieces from new trends, I thought it was fun : ) When the end of the year rolled around, I had a huge pile of clothes I didn't like anymore because the trend was overdone (and a crying wallet : C). This happened for about 2-3 years so I got fed up. This past year, I tried to limit my spending. It was hard to hold back but limiting myself allowed me to carve my style. I learned what worked for me and what didn't, what were some of the clothes I kept wearing over and over and why. Since half of this blog revolves around personal style, it's kinda ironic that I'm not quite sure what my personal style is... Sometimes I am scared to experiment because I don't want to be misjudged. In that case, how much does your personal style reflect you and how much is it dictated by trends? I'm not quite sure. In any case, this is just a contemplation and reminder to myself that everything is relative.

You can have the best wardrobe in the world and someone will still think you dress horribly! So dress for yourself, stop buying things that are trendy even though they don't work for your shape and enrich your personality so that your clothes can highlight you, instead of masking your insecurities ;)

Fake leather jacket: random boutique in New York
Wrap cardigan and wrap skirt: Zara

This Zara wrap skirt is so incredibly versatile! I've been wearing it quite often this summer and it's even a good transition piece : )

I bought a CC cream from Marcelle (recommended by my housemate Diane) and I really like it! CC cream stands for color correction and it's supposed to help reduce redness. I usually go out bare-face because I'm lazy but I really like this CC cream, it's so light and smooth. It makes my complexion dewy and the redness just looks like blush. I've used a couple of asian BB creams in the past but they always give this grey-ish tint to my face. I'm glad to have found a product that works for me : )))

Monkey getting super bored... *YAWN* "are we done taking pictures yet?!"

I want these hanging terrariums in my future apartment!

I love to buy coupons from Groupon or Teambuy because they help us students save so much money! We got a really good deal for an Indian restaurant: 15$ for 45$ worth of delicious Indian meal. Let's just say that our bellies were extremely happy and we both got food coma afterwards : 3

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! I'm feeling so blessed and thankful these days. Life is going extremely smoothly, smoother than that butter chicken we had >D<  Have a great long weekend guys!