Girl On Fire

Over the long weekend, I had a triple blogger hangout with Lily and Adri; we chit-chatted over a cup of coffee, played in a park, ate some delicious Korean food and took obligatory OOTD's! We went outside our hangout area and went to Verdun. We walked along the water and found this neat row of trees that was perfect for an OOTD backdrop!

Jacket: G-market (2 years ago)
Scarf: St-Anne thrift shop
Tights and skirt: Japan
*NEW* Clutch: Zipia

Showing off my new beloved clutch from Zipia. It's gorgeously made and it can double as a laptop case! They had a variety of colors but I chose black for versatility (now I want all the colors *greedy*)! I don't own clutches because I think they're not practical for my lifestyle. I don't want to hold my bag the entire day... I already have a camera to hold >__< but this one comes with straps : ) It's THE PERFECT CLUTCH! 

-Being attacked by photographers-

This is a pretty intimidating sight! The number of shutter clicks was even scarier! I wonder how stars feel when they walk down a red carpet, *CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK*xbajillion! THANKS FOR THE PICTURES THO ;D

Visit their respective blogs for a breakdown of their outfits : )

Lily at Create & Inspire, Adrienne at Rendez Vous

Within a few hours after meeting each other for the first time, Adrienne gets cozy :-P 

The reason we came to Verdun was because we wanted to try cafe Baobab. The cafe was huge and it fit the mood of our secretive discussions : )

I really liked my iced latte, it was creamy just the way I like them!

Proceeded to eating because that's what we do best:

Delicious budae jigae (army stew), perfect for a cloudy day. The soup was so flavorful <3 

What we saw while walking down the streets : - P Someone's in the mood for Halloween! 

This week is pretty crazy for me so I apologize for the hasty post. I hope you guys are surviving your midterms as well! I'm looking forward to the weekend so that I can start working on my Halloween costume : )