Don't Wait for Perfect

My weekly bubble of thought: I wanted to talk about waiting for the perfect opportunity. When I was younger, I loved to draw but I never really showed my drawings to anyone except for close friends and family because I always thought my drawings weren't perfect enough. I spent a lot of time perfecting my style and told myself that I'd wait for the right moment to showcase my skills. Of course, being a perfectionist, you're never entirely satisfied because perfection cannot be attained. Therefore, my dissatisfaction grew with time and eventually, I stopped drawing. It happened to many of my other endeavors, I'd always wait for a good moment to start (when divine inspiration hits me). In reality, that moment rarely happens, you're never going to wake up one day with all the talent in the world. It's through persistence and hard work that you can succeed. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect, there's nothing wrong with showing the world your passion. This can apply to a lot of things but for the dreams that you've been thinking about for a long time, I think it's safe to say that you really have nothing to lose by starting today. Once you start, you will see the progress and it can only get better : - )

An inspiring piece of advice from Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York):

“I tell everyone a quote I once heard, ‘Don’t wait for perfect.’ There are so many people, my friends included that are just waiting until they have that perfect idea to go out there and do something great. And what I always say is that Humans of New York emerged from the work, it emerged from the process, it emerged from tinkering, so don't wait until you got everything figured out to begin something. Just begin something and have faith in yourself to figure it out as you go along." - Source

School has been pretty hectic the past weeks but I make sure to hang out with my friends on the weekends to keep my sanity. Today, we decided to go coffee shop hopping, we did three different coffee shops in one day! Lily has a coffee passport that allows her to have a free drink at a selected number of Montreal coffee shops. The passport expires at the end of the month so we tried to squeeze in as many cups of coffee as we could. Someone's not gonna sleep tonight :-P  

Thanks to Lily for all the OOTD pictures : )

Blazer & scarf: vintage shops
Sweater: Zipia
Shorts: Uniqlo (Diane's)

Wearing the most comfortable pair of jersey shorts ever! I stole them from my housemate Diane, Canada could really benefit from having an Uniqlo! It's getting colder and colder brrr, soon all you'll be seeing me wear is a big puffy garbage bag!

This is an oversized blazer I thrifted a couple of weeks ago, I really liked the details on the collar : )

Trying to find a faster way to get to all the coffee shops : P

Whoever that bike belongs to: I'm sorry we abused it X-D

The week just started and I'm already looking forward to its end because of midterms and papers ~___~ On the upside, my housemate Coco and I officially booked our accommodation for our California trip this winter break! I've never been to the Golden Coast but my head is buzzing with cliches such as palm trees, surfer boys, Hollywood star lookalikes, diners with vinyl couches, SHOPPING OUTLETS, hills and deserts (cowboys)!
I'm SUPER excited to see everything with my own eyes and the eyes of my camera : )