Fav Café: Fuschia Epicerie Fleur

On the weekend, I had a relaxing coffee date with my girlfriends. We were supposed to plan our Halloween costumes but we couldn't make up our minds about what to wear #firstworldgirlproblems... Yeah we'll need to recap on that, we also need to recap going back to Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur!  I've blogged about this cute coffee shop earlier this year but I just can't get enough of it! Out of all the coffee shops I've visited, I like Fuchsia the most! The atmosphere is so cozy and peaceful. I love how the specialty drinks are sprinkled with edible flower petals! I feel as if we're hanging out in a flower nymph's living room. I suggest you to go there a bit earlier because the place is small so it can get packed easily.

4050 Avenue Coloniale, Montreal, QC H2W 2C1
Tuesday-Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm
Sat: 11:00am-5:00pm
Sun: 11:00am-3:00pm

Sometimes, I find it's hard to talk about deeper issues such as sense of belonging, security vs. adventure in public places because I feel people are eavesdropping. Despite the small space, I felt that Fuschia was intimate and allowed us to over brood deeper subjects, a good escape from the bustling city.

I wish I had time for Sunday tea all the time! Damn you student life! *I know I'll be missing it in the future*

These delicious sand cookies tasted so good with my unsweetened lotus flower tea : 3 They were 2$ for 3 cookies, YUM YUM!

Niv and Lily both got a Chai latte, Lily's had almond milk. I'm not too fond of almond milk but her Chai latte tasted pretty good!

Lily's coffee passport, still 11 coffee shops left to go by the end of this month >___<! 

While stepping out of Fuschia, we were persuaded by a little boy to take a look at his airplanes. He was selling them and had paper airplanes of all sizes. Niv bought two baby airplanes : P

"It's supposed to hit your teacher in the face"

Throwing airplanes with this little boy brightened up our day. It's easy to forget our playfulness in the midst of our busy schedules, just seeing this kid's dedication and enthusiasm brought a smile to our faces : )

Thank you Lily for being my loyal photographer!