Mid Midterm Break

If anyone knows where to buy some motivation, please hook me up! I've been feeling sluggish ever since the beginning of the term. I'm lacking motivation in school and my procrastination levels are off the chart. Especially when the weather is this beautiful! Last week felt like summer so I took out my shorts one last time.

Since it's so pretty outside, I wanted to take a little break from studying. I tried to play with my tripod but it was so awkward... The residence's gardener was mowing the lawn and looking at me like: why is that girl taking pictures of herself? MEEP It's for zi blog!

Finally, I'm going inside *gives up* 

Last time baring legs, it'll be another good 6 months before I hafta shave again hahaha *jokes* :B

On Friday, I went to eat and drink with some friends, it was really fun. Impatiently waiting for our food. We were so hungry that for once, I didn't take pictures of the food ^___^

Monkey's reunion with his high school friends, it's been 10 years since they've known each other.

Funnily enough, I was the only one that got wayyy too "happy". When we left the bar, Monkey and I were talking towards the bus terminus. All of the sudden, I started sprinting. Monkey was carrying both our bags so he wanted me to wait up. Since he wasn't running, I grabbed his arm and screamed: "HURRY! We gotta go make money!!!" 

I'm addicted to spring rolls! I found them tasteless before but now I love it! Every bite is like a bite of freshness : )

On a random note: I could write an entire book about my dad's grocery shopping adventures. This week, I asked him to pick me up some chocolates before picking me up at work. I asked him to buy me buenos and described how the package looked like and where it was located. When he came to pick me up, he gave me a bag of chocolates and said: "I couldn't find what you wanted but I bought you a whole bunch of chocolates of different varieties!" So I open the bag and I see four bars of the same chocolate and a pack of ferrero rocher (he ate one). His definition of variety! It was funnily cute :P