Have you ever asked your boyfriend/guy friend to take a picture of you and ended up with a bad picture where the background takes 95% of the frame and your head is tucked somewhere in the corner with your upper body awkwardly cut? *puts hands up* Monkey explained to me that guys (photonoobs) like to take pictures to showcase a nice background. He says that guys tend to frame the background and thus cut off the subject. He told me that ever since he figured out that he had to focus on me for my OOTD's (really?!), the rate of failed pictures have decreased tremendously. See, sometimes all you need is to shift your perspective for better outcomes ;)

Denim shirt: Japan
Fluted skirt: Forever21 
Jacket: Zipia

Quick Friday OOTD,  finally settling into my fall attire!

My favourite jacket <3

Got my fluted skirt at a bargain price at Forever21 during the summer. I always dislike their sales section because it's incredibly messy but you can actually scout some pretty awesome pieces if you have patience! 

How Monkey looks like whenever I criticize his pictures :-C

We're already in October now! The orange flowers remind me that Halloween is approaching! I'm excited to start working on my costume! I have an idea of what I want to dress as but I have no idea how to make it... I'll figure it out! I've never gone all-out during Halloween and since it's my last year of undergraduate, I want to have a memorable Halloween! What are some of you guys' Halloween costume ideas? : )