You can probably tell by the caps and the excitement in the title that my friend Phoebe and I won the Montreal M'inspire Photo Contest! We won the Grand prize: a Canon EOS 60D camera body and a 100$ giftcard at a local camera shop! I was barely awake when I saw the congratulatory e-mail this morning, but as I was reading it, I started to shake with excitement! This is my first time entering a competition and I'm still having difficulty believing that WE ACTUALLY WON! I feel as if so many good things are happening at once, it's a true blessing! Thanks to all that supported and voted for us, we are so incredibly happy and it wouldn't be so without your votes!

HAHA I took a screenshot of when we were leading! The competition was a random draw with the most votes gaining the most chances. We ended in second place however I guess Phoebe and I got REALLY lucky and got drawn : - D

Look at that happy smile!

I like the flippy screen! I tested out the Canon EOS 60D with my Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens (my current standard lens) and it doesn't focus well AT ALL : c There's some serious calibration issues going on but I don't want to send my kit to Sigma headquarters again so if they're incompatible, then we're incompatible! 

So far, we've decided that we are going to sell the camera body. My half of the funds will go into my "saving-up-for-a-full-frame" savings account. I've been thinking about upgrading for a few months now and I think I'm ready to step up my game! I'm gonna save up and buy a full frame for my graduation convocation in Spring 2014! 

For now, we'll continue this pictorial adventure with my old pal Canon Rebel XS : - ]