Feeling So Fly

VéloVolant @ Au Diable Vert
169 Staines Glen Sutton, QC, Canada, J0E 2K0

 One summer afternoon, I was driving and saw a big road advertisement for VéloVolant (Flying Bike or Canopycycle). I was super intrigued so I looked it up on Google and decided that for Monkey's birthday, we'd try it out! So what exactly is VéloVolant?  It is an unique and ecological activity that consists of biking in mid-air through a forest! I thought that this activity would be perfect during Autumn because of the pretty landscape and we weren't disappointed with the view! VéloVolant is located ~90 minutes from Montreal (in smooth traffic). It took us a good 2+ hours to get there because we got lost (had no GPS) and we even crossed into the US border haha... We enjoyed scenic views of the Quebec countryside during the traffic so it wasn't all that bad =) 

The website advised us to arrive 30 minutes earlier than our appointment time for an information session. The activity is totally safe so there wasn't anything too important to retain from the information session. The guides helped people onto bikes on a first-come-first-serve basis so we ended up waiting 45 minutes 'cause we got there late :-P 

Me: YAY I'M READY! *waiting to get pushed by guide*
Monkey: You just have to pedal...

Monkey was pedaling behind me so I turned around often to take pictures of him. I was afraid to fall off my chair by tilting too much but it was perfectly safe YAY : )

Pedaling was easy although there are some parts where it was harder. At a few points in the trial, I was up really high, the cable was slanted and I had so much trouble pedaling : P (I'm weak) that the pedals just started going backwards! I pushed with all my force ~___~ and the bike started bouncing up and down in the air while creaking >___<. I was super scared haha! I recounted this to Monkey he looked at me with a: "it was so easy, what are you talking about?" look :BBB Hmmm... I guess someone doesn't skip their leg days!

My life being held by a pair of bands :-} *twitch* not nervous at all! 

We were advised to keep a safe distance between eachother because each cable section is only supposed to carry one person. Of course, Monkey never listens to instructions and biked really close to me! He was bouncing nonstop too so that shook my cable >___<! At first, he wasn't too excited for this activity but when he saw how high and "dangerous" it could get, he was so happy... this guy -sigh-!

Touching treetops! 

Treated with a spectacular view of an auburn colored forest lined with hills (picture doesn't do justice to the landscape : c I need to brush up on my landscape photography)!

Monkey enjoying the ride. He said that he feels like a real Monkey, swinging in the treetops!

Every time the bike trial turns, it would go on these metal infrastructures and make scary noises D-; I'm not particularly scared of heights but I do get paranoid easily!

Almost back to home base! Depending on how fast you bike, you can finish the trial in 20-45 minutes. I think it took us a good 30 minutes to finish and I paused at quite a few locations, snapping pictures. The guides suggested us to bike slowly in order to enjoy the view. For a whooping 50$+tax, it's best if you make the most out of the experience =) They also film you at certain sections and you get the video for free but I was too impatient to wait for the videos to load : P

Monkey speeding to the finish line 'cause he was hungry. 

I LOVE FALL! I want to go hiking before it gets cold again!

We had such a good time! I really recommend trying VéloVolant if you're not scared of heights and have legs to pedal! The activity is a bit pricey but it's relaxing and uplifting! It's the only one in Canada right now so book your appointment before it gets too popular.