What Happens When You're Cheap

All I want to do these days is to eat, eat, eat! Like those goldfish without satiety signals :p Maybe it's the switch of seasons that makes me wanna eat till I'm round, wrap myself into a burrito and hibernate? Phoebe and I were taking pictures the other day until we were too hungry to snap any further. We both wanted to eat sushi but decided that we shouldn't spend recklessly *cough*. So we walked for a long time until we were too hungry to think clearly and headed into Au Festin de Babette for some savory crepes. I forgot how expensive it was there but in the end, we ended up paying the same amount if we had gone for sushi TT___TT BLEH!!!

I really didn't like the texture of the crepe, it was made of buckwheat? and it just tasted baaad! The egg was too runny for me (they didn't ask for the type and we assumed it'd be more cooked than that) so the whole thing tasted like slimy grains...

The hot chocolate was so rich and sweet that we felt like we were drinking syrup. I bet that isn't doing any favors to our blood pressure! I couldn't even finish 1/4th of my cup (it was a small cup too). BLEHHH! NOT HAPPY NOT HAPPY! Should've gone for sushi ;___;

I had been to Au Festin de Babette before but only for their icecream so I was kinda disappointed to find that their food menu is lacking.

For the Montreal M'inspire contest, Phoebe and I walked around Montreal to scout for the perfect location. And although we wanted to stay away from the cliche Old Port, we went there anyways :-P 


C'mon trees, pump your last bits of oxygen before your leaves fall off!

I was taking pictures of Phoebe when a random guy on a bike asked us if we wanted a picture together, we turned him down. His friend who raced behind him came up to us and asked if we wanted a picture together and we were like: nahhh thanks! He kept insisting anyways and said that he was a pro-photographer. We finally agreed and the guy signals to his friend: "start the engin!" LOL I was so scared for a split second =P

Random basket of pumpkins found in the middle of the Old Port. Pumpkins remind me of Halloween! I really want to dress up this year but I have no idea into what!

Funky structures. It's funny 'cause the whole time Phoebe and I were taking pictures in the Old Port, this Asian lady and her kids were following us and taking pictures at the same exact spots we were taking pictures. We weren't done and she'd push us away ~__~ rudeeee

I'm glad that I've caught up all the posts that I had lined up! I like blogging but I don't like to catch up on posts that have been floating around forever =P It's much more exciting to type out what you just did rather than what you did weeks ago hehehe~