Hey, Diane! Can we go thrift shopping?

Can you believe it? September is almost coming to an end! You students know what that means: assignments, midterms, projects, presentations, quizzes and all that good stuff waiting for us with open arms! I'm kinda surprised at how quickly time passed by. These pictures were taken a few weeks back. I had a long break between two classes so Diane and I decided to go into town and snap some pictures!  

Borrowing Diane's drop-waist dress. The drop waist dress with a baggy cardigan gives a childish silhouette which makes me feel youthful ^___^Y. 

Dress: Diane's (Zara)
Cardigan: G-market 

Oxfords: Zara

These shoes have been go-to shoes for the entire spring and summer. They are actually still in good condition (surprisingly since they are from Zara). 

I like the pattern on my cardigan : )

Diane being unusually colorful! 

Love the polka dotted bright pink pants!

Pops of color everywhere to contrast with the cloudy day! 

Diane and I went shopping at a thrift store nearby because she told me they have the best stuff! I mentioned previously that I never find much in thrift stores but that I'm willing to reconsider thrifting. We entered the store and 10 minutes in, I was already not impressed. The way I usually shop is: I quickly scan a pile of stuff, try to find a color/pattern/material that is eye-catching and if there isn't anything, I move onto another section. This technique is not good if you are thrifting! You gotta go through each piece individually! Soon, Diane started pulling out super nice items like a magician pulls out bunnies from its hat! We got so pumped up that I ended up skipping my class LOL...

Just some of the goodies we thrifted! I bought a lot more and it only ended costing me a fraction of the price I would've paid for that amount of stuff in retail shops : 3 WAHHH GOTTA LOVE CHEAP STUFF!

This is what I've been doing the past month (instead of studying): READING A SHIAT LOAD OF MANGA! My favorite so far is 360 degrees Material. The story is typically shojo: dumb girl likes smart boy that is cute but the pace is nice because the main characters are actually straight forward with their feelings!!!

Synopsis from Wild*Hope: Taki is the cool yet strange guy in Mio's class. She bumps into him at the subway station after school and saves him after he almost gets pushed onto the tracks. The next day, he returns the favor by saving her from an incoming car. This marks the start of Mio's love.

I have a soft spot for girly mangas because of my childhood. Spent lotsa time reading and drawing mangas so from time to time, I'd read some shojo mangas just to feel that innocent feeling again : )
The semester is picking up soon so I gotta put these things aside and start studying forreal >___<!!!
Another semester to brave through!