Matchy Matchy

Earlier this morning, I wanted to wear matchy clothes with Monkey so I pulled over my maroon pants (he bought a pair of maroon pants two weeks ago) and tried to stuff my muffins down. After a minute of wrestling, I gave up : C I complained to my housemate Diane who responds responds with: "Better that way anyways. No matchy matchy!" If Diane were a food item, she would NOT be a cheesy cheese! 
A few hours later, Diane pops into my room and goes: "Imma gonna wear my H&M shorts and my new sweater and we'll be matchyyyy!!!" Apparently she does not mind housemate matching but no couple matching!

This picture totally describes our relationship:
Her: hehe yeah... kk.


Thrifted a crochet cardigan : ) 

I've been wearing my Runway Bandits dress quite frequently ever since I got it. Jeans are just too uncomfortable (and I don't fit into my old jeans anymore : C time to contemplate hitting the gym...) so I'll wear dresses until it's -20C and covered with snow! 

New booties from Zara YAAAAAY! There goes half of my paycheck TT__TT...

Monkey almost convinced me not to get them but I couldn't resist the gorgeous dark burgundy color! Why did I even hesitate? Never listen to your fashion-unaware boyfriend that dresses in sweats and free t-shirts 24/7.

This is how we look like after we score a great bargain! And great bargains did we score last week at the thrift store! POST COMING UP SOON!