My friend Phoebe and I decided to enter a photo contest in order to win a Canon EOS 60D! I've had my Canon rebel XS for 4-5 years now and it's been through thick and thin with me! It's not as fast as before and sometimes it shuts off on its own. When Phoebe showed me this contest, we thought it'd be a good challenge and there was nothing to lose so we had to enter! 

Ofcourse, we cannot win without the support of our friends and my loyal readers so if you have some time to spare, please vote for us : )

Tried to levitate like Natsumi Hayashi 'cause I ain't cool enough to pose like a true model : )

We had to match our look to a place in Montreal that inspired us (colours, architecture, graphic details etc.) and take a picture. Since I spend much of my time cafe hopping around St-Laurent, I thought that this colorful wall was the perfect location for our shoot! For those of you that follow my blog must recognize this wall because Adri and I shot there previously.
It was creepy 'cause while Phoebe and I were taking pictures, this cheap car pulls over and a gangster guy offers us a modelling gig at his club. We swore that it was all "classy stuff", no stripping or anything and told us to check out his Facebook page and to call him. I checked out his page out of curiosity and he promotes "professional dancers" -cough- go-go dancers... Tchyea totally classy! 

Dress: Forever21
Headscarf: Thrifted 

This is a silk scarf that I thrifted from a second hand shop close to our school. I'll have a post up about that coming up soon! It's 100% silk and the paisley print is pretty! It was only 2$! I'm a total scarf hoarder so I haaaad to get it!

Oxfords that I've been wearing to death this summer : P

Being goofy!

I haven't had the chance this summer to try the crop top trend so when I saw this dress at Forever21, I knew I had to get it (plus it was cheap)! I really like crop tops even though I'm kinda shy to show skin on the upper regions =p

THANK YOU PHOEBE FOR TAKING THE PICTURES! Initially, we were gonna post a picture of each of us on the contest page, but we agreed we'd have more chances to win if we focused on one picture. So we decided to go with my picture because it displayed my outfit more. The rest of the pictures will be posted on my blog so it wasn't all for nothing! YAYZZZ!