Cafe Aunja

Cafe Aunja
1448 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1K4, Canada

On our way to Phoebe's night class from the Museum of Art, we stumbled upon a cute little Persian cafe called Cafe Aunja on Sherbrooke street. You can't really see from this picture but I spotted the cute dangling lightbulbs from outside and dragged Phoebe into the cafe! As soon as we stepped inside, we knew that we found a gem! It's cozy, huge and best of all empty! Perfect for when you wanna study near school (close to both McGill and Concordia) but don't want to be fighting for a seat at the nearby Starbucks or Second Cup. Many independent coffee shops are in the Plateau area so we were happy to find one in the middle of downtown! But, I guess with an ideal location comes a not-so-ideal price. It is more expensive than the coffee shops in the Plateau but it's worth it because of the service and pleasant artsy atmosphere! You can sit here for ages since they have wifi ;-D

I took a glance on their Facebook page and they have musicians performing on certain evenings and artistic workshops too! If I lived near the downtown campus, I would've definitely liked to drop by!

Lots of seats so you can totally bring your entire study group!

The service was extremely helpful and polite! We were patiently explained all the items on the menu and their special deals. Phoebe and I took a "mix & match" tea set. We were allowed to scoop as much as we wanted from the jars to make our tea. They then brew the tea for you and bring it all in a pot with a few cookies on the side. 
We mixed dried papayas, dried mangoes and rose petals, seems safe right? Although we couldn't taste the fruits, it smelled like rose and tasted sweet : )

Interesting knick-knacks! They have a complete wall of Lomo cameras for sale and the cafe serves a double purpose as a gallery. They have nicely framed photographs lining the walls that you can purchase.

This cafe reminded me of Cafe Kahwa but with a middle-eastern and living room vibe.

Behind the counter

Phoebe and I monopolized the huge couch at the end of the cafe. We chatted about entering a photo competition (more on that coming up soon)  and discussed about our love for eating (namely, where to eat next)!

I'm definitely hitting up this place next time I'm meeting my friends downtown! Love the atmosphere and it's so conveniently located!  They are open until 10pm which is a nice change from other independent coffee shops that close early during the day!